Personalized Eye Care

Seeing the world the way you were meant to is so much more than just reading the 20/20 line on the vision chart. You will receive a thorough evaluation of the external and internal health of your eyes in addition to determining your prescription for glasses during a comprehensive eye exam at Now Eye See Vision Care.

Now Eye See Vision Care utilizes top of the line technology to assist in the exam process.

Hate the dilation drops?

We offer Optomap retinal imaging as an alternative! The Optomap allows us to take a 200-degree high resolution image of the retina in a single snapshot without any side effects. It serves as a permanent part of your record and will be reviewed with you in the exam room.

Do you struggle to decide which is better 1 or 2?

Our exam rooms are equipped with digital phoropters to obtain highly accurate prescriptions. They are engineered for high reliability and quality to increase speed and efficiency of your vision evaluation. The abundance of lens options and programs in a digital phoropter ensure that the choices made result in your clearest vision.

Hate the air puff test?

We utilize the new iCare Tonometer to get a reading of your eye pressure. All you feel is a little tickle of your eyelashes!