Contact Lens Evaluations

Glasses are great, but we understand that it is nice to have options!  Contact lenses are a convenient way to have freedom from frames especially for those that have a very active lifestyle.  Now Eye See Vision Care offers all major brands of soft contact lenses.

Prescriptions for glasses and contacts are not the same. If you want to order contacts, you will need a contact lens evaluation to provide you with a current contact lens prescription. A contact lens evaluation is done along with a comprehensive eye exam. This evaluation includes a few extra measurements of the front surface of the eye, viewing the fit of a contact lens on your eye, and a discussion regarding proper care and replacement of the lenses.

Contact lenses provide many benefits, but they do not eliminate the need for glasses. It is important to always have a current backup pair of glasses that you can utilize if you develop an eye infection or are diagnosed with an eye disease. Contact lenses also do not negate the need for UV protection. We offer a variety of non-prescription sunglasses that can be worn while enjoying the outdoors.

Contact Lenses