Custom Eyewear

Now Eye See Vision Care wants you to see your best but we also want you to look your best! You will get personalized care from your doctor and eyecare team regarding your correct prescription and which frame styles and lenses will work the best for you.


All of the frames we offer come from independently owned companies that take the utmost pride in crafting high quality frames at a fair price. Some collections are colorful and fun whereas others are more classic. Many of our frame companies give back to the community in their own unique ways and all of them have a special story behind each of their brands.

Some of our favorite brands are:

  • Etnia Barcelona
  • Europa Eyewear
  • Eyes of Faith
  • OGI Eyewear
  • OVVO Optics
  • Twelve84
Custom Eye Wear
Custom Lenses


We offer lenses to meet all of your needs. All of our lenses are made with top of the line technology by independent optical labs that are known for superior customer service and quality products. We have options to lessen the thickness of your lenses, reduce glare, lessen strain from blue light,  improve your comfort while working on the computer, and wear outside to protect your eyes from UV damage. Your doctor and eyecare team will learn how you use your eyes on a daily basis and make recommendations that fit your lifestyle.

OptiKam Technology

Now Eye See Vision Care utilizes OptiKam technology to customize each pair of glasses. This device captures 10 precise measurements which are used to design a pair of customized lenses based on the frame you select, your posture, the shape of your face, where your eyes sit within the frame, and your overall visual needs. All of this results in clear and comfortable vision!

OptiKam on eyeglasses frame